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According to the standards of integrated production (IP)


We were the first to grow resistant varieties (PiWi) in Ticino – and we have been able to experiment with them, from both a winegrowing and oenological perspective, for almost 20 years.


These varieties are resistant to the most common fungal diseases affecting grapes, such as downy mildew and powdery mildew, and do not require plant protection treatments. They are of great ecological importance, especially nowadays, when we are often urged to address this issue.


Resistant white varieties are used in blending our white wine Cana, as well as in our new wine, Eco della natura, which is produced using resistant varieties only.


Resistant red varieties, on the other hand, are used in blending our red wine Gamedio.



  • They can be grown using approximately 80% less plant protection products than traditional varieties. Hence, they are very environmentally compatible.
  • Especially as far as new varieties are concerned, they allow producing wines that boast peculiar aromas, good structure, intense colours and fine tannins – wines that are becoming increasingly sought after by consumers looking for something new.


Below we provide a list of grape varieties that require regular fungicide treatments (and thus are non-resistant to the most common grape diseases)



Pinot Noir

Gamaret:      Gamay x Reichensteiner hybrid

Diolinoir:       Rouge de Diolly x Pinot Noir hybrid

Carminoir:    Pinot Noir x Cabernet Sauvignon hybrid

Marselan:     Grenache x Cabernet Sauvignon hybrid

Galotta:        Ancellotta x Gamay hybrid


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