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We are farmers and winemakers – the noble art of working and making a living off the land has been passed down to us. We keep working and experimenting to find the best products, constantly pursuing the balance between the work of man and nature.

This is our Story!

Our passion for farming and winemaking has been passed down to us by our grandparents, Carolina and Ettore. Back in the 1930s, they started growing grapevines, along with many other crops (tobacco, potatoes, green beans, cereals), as well as farming cows for milk and cheese.


Settemaggio (which in Italian means “7th May”) is our youngest sibling Raffaele’s birthday – this is where such an evocative name comes from.


1991-1992 Our parents, Isidoro and Anna, start a small production of classic Merlot wine, providing constant support to their children in laying solid foundations to launch the Settemaggio business. 


1999 Nicola graduates as agronomist and starts producing the renowned Irti Colli classic Merlot wine, as little as 7,000 bottles per year, with the help of Raffaele, Isidoro and Anna.


In 2002, after graduating as winemaker, and after working in a large winery of the Ticino area for a while, Raffaele joins his brother Nicola. Having been active in the field with Nicola during his training years, he makes himself known right away. Together, the two brothers soon achieve high-quality production levels and win a number of gold medals at many international wine competitions, thanks to their renowned cuvée, Vindala.


In 2016, their sister, Eliana D’Amato-Marcionetti, joins the business full time, mostly engaging in the development of new sales channels, as well as managing existing customers. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, Anna, who has always been in charge of welcoming guests at tastings and running guided tours of the winery. A strong supporter of Ticino wine, which her family produces with care and dedication, she travels door to door, attending trade shows to introduce it to everyone.

In 2017, in view of the need to expand staff, especially in the winemaking field, young oenologist Marco Garattoni is hired full time. In close cooperation with nationally renowned oenologist Francesco Tettamanti, and under our guidance, he is in charge of wine production and vineyard management.


In 2019, Nicola and Raffaele Marcionetti’s business becomes Settemaggio SA. It is also comprised of an organic farm and of a cutting-edge Biogas plant.


Our agricultural and winegrowing areas


Field crops15.00


Vineyards (70% of which hillside vineyards)8.00
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